who we are

JoyTV is a fast growing product belonging to the Appclickad company. Our mission is to be streaming connection service for Smart TV ,and connects the entire TV ecosystem around the world .Owing to our powerful 8k player, high-spec video platform, and content management system, Owing to our Mirrcast TV Receiver, an application that can cast all smart screens in your home, allowing you to easily cast all websites and all local videos, music, pictures, and web pages. Cast TV is used and enjoyed by millions of consumers in Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

  • 2016

    Company was founded

  • 2017

    Cast TV product launched

  • 2019

    More than 25 brand manufacturers

  • 2020

    Active device users more than 30 million

  • 2021

    8 k player development

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